Simon Winkler

Testpilot, Paragliding and SIV Instructor.

  • 8th at 2016 APWC King of Brenta - Solo.
  • 7th at 2015 Acromax - Solo.
Birthday: 1991
Hometown: Bavaria
Local Mountain: Stubaivalley, Austria
Takeoff weight: 90 kg
Glider size: 16, 17
Sponsors: AirG, X-Dreamfly, Supair, Luftikus, NakedOptics
First Wing: NOVA Philou in Pink
Favorite food: Fish
Music: Deephouse, Techno, Hip Hop
Always travelling with: Cab
Special Thanks: Family
Best trip: Namibia 2015
Best moment: Learning Infinity
Future Plans: always time for fun
Besides Paragliding: MTB, Skiing, Friends and Family
Always in my harness: Water