Back in 2010 me and my cousin started to build our own speedwings at home. Out of pure curiosity
We gained knowledge and then, in 2012 I was lucky enough to meet a paragliding producer who allowed me to build my first acrobatic wing. The "Booya".. :)

Then, some years off. Work, studies, life.
And now, since 2017 dealing with all kinds of stuff at airg which is - i suppose - the chance to work on my dreams.

Fly High!
+43 676 5130058

Birthday: 1990
Hometown: Innsbruck
Local Mountain: Seegrube!
Takeoff weight: 90kg
Glider size: 16/17
First Wing: up vision classic
Favorite food: koze
Random Information: accept the mystery
Always travelling with: peace + love
Special Thanks: Richard &Anja, family and friends
Future Plans: fly fly fly