Maël Jimenez

I will always be the "begginner" guy as I started paragliding and acro realy late in my life (2017). But that's the big challenge isn't it ? Now I just have to make something out of this.

Birthday: March 1993 the 14th
Hometown: Chamonix (winter)/Organya (summer)
Local Mountain: Le Brévent/Organya/Verel
Takeoff weight: 95
Glider size: 16
Sponsors: AirG - Outsyde Adventure Co. - In'Bô glasses
First Wing: Niviuk Koyot 2
Favorite food: My girlfriend's
Music: Techno/Trance/FrRAP/Progressive Metal/Jazz/Funk etc...
Random Information: Acroparagliding is and still will be the best sport
Always travelling with: Smile on my face
Special Thanks: Gabriel Bechier who teached me everything about paragliding and acro, my mentor and good friend/My girlfriend who supported me al the way and still is/ And last but not least Theo De Blic for his comittment in being in some way my very personnal coach
Best trip: La Réunion Island for the Master Acro 2018
Best moment: Every time I'm under my wing (really)
Future Plans: Some world champ titles and better Vlogs
Besides Paragliding: Paragliding and some skiing, climbing, alpinism...but mostly paragliding
Always in my harness: My rescues !