Leonardo Cardenas Rey

APWC participant best results : 22th at 2012 APWC Acrowing / France - 2th at 2009 AcroLatino /ecuador - Syncro 3th at 2009 Acrolatino / ecuador. Xc Top 20 Colombian Ranking in 2009 (serial class podium )

Birthday: 1982
Hometown: Bucaramanga
Local Mountain: Chicamocha Canyon
Takeoff weight: 83
Glider size: 16
Sponsors: AirG, , COLDEPORTES , wildshonau flugshule
First Wing: Reggae Airwave
Favorite food: Fish
Music: Hip Hop
Random Information: paragliding instructor
Always travelling with: finger 😊
Special Thanks: My amazing girl, Family and friends
Best trip: Seasion 2014
Best moment: Infinity Tumbling - D Bag
Future Plans: Our family adventures
Besides Paragliding: Family, friends and children foundation.
Always in my harness: gerlitzen session card =P