Julia Binkert

Flying synchro with Lea Hänsenberger

  • Birthday
  • Hometown
    Zürich, Switzerland
  • Local Mountain
    Klewenalp, Brändle
  • Takeoff weight
  • Glider size
  • Sponsors
  • First Wing
    Advance Alpha 4
  • Favorite food
    Cheese, Älplermakkaroni
  • Music
    Almost everything
  • Always travelling with
    A good portion of humor
  • Special Thanks
    To all my friends and family for supporting me each and every day in doing what I love
  • Best moment
    Sharing experiences after a great day in the sky
  • Future Plans
    Keep flying and be in the air as much as possible
  • Always in my harness
    Rescue packing gear, some crackers