Baptiste Pythoud

Pilot since 2007, I started to fly acro in 2016. Quickly it revealed in me a real passion for this sport. Since then, I love to discover new flying configurations, new places, to play with friends, to be at one with my wing and to increase intensively the level of joy in my life. Soooo Grateful !

Birthday: 16 january 1991
Hometown: CH-Bulle / DK-Katrinedal
Local Mountain: CH-Sonchaux / DK-"There's no mountain there"
Takeoff weight: 85 kg
Glider size: 17
Sponsors: Looking for one (or more) 😉
First Wing: Nova X-Act 21 / Pink
Favorite food: Sushis
Music: Almost everything
Random Information: I don't like bananas so much
Always travelling with: Friends
Special Thanks: To you, them, me, everyone that made this dream a reality !
Best trip: Started in the 90' and is not done yet !
Best moment: There's a plenty of it
Future Plans: Discovering more
Besides Paragliding: Chill, ski, climbing, woodworking, spirituality.