Axel Jamgotchian

I started paragliding at the age of 8, inflated by the sea in the north of France, at the age of 12 I made my first big flight to Millau, and in 2015 I left for Annecy and I started the acro.

Birthday: August 22, 1998
Local Mountain: Forclaz, Rhône-Alpes
Takeoff weight: 75 kg
Glider size: 17m²
Sponsors: AirG, Xrem Adventures, Dezair,
First Wing: ITV = PIL-PIT 13m²
Music: All the music. But I prefer the US Rap
Random Information: The best memory is the day I finally spent the tumbling at Lake Garda.
Always travelling with: Friends, family.
Special Thanks: My father teaches me to fly, my mother to let me take off
Best moment: When I fly - so all the times
Future Plans: fly, and try to become the world's best acrobatics pilot
Besides Paragliding: Climbing, Wake surfing, kitesurfing, Surfing, swimming, table tennis, badminton.
Always in my harness: knife, lamp, jacket, glove, mitt and 3 rescues.