Kyle Mooney

I taught myself to fly paramotor 6 years ago. I learned the infinite and transitioned to doing the infinite on paramotor. Now to just keep pushing to get better!

  • Birthday
    December 6, 1991
  • Hometown
    Minnesota, USA
  • Local Mountain
    My Paramotor :)
  • Takeoff weight
  • Glider size
  • Sponsors
    AirG, Fly Products
  • First Wing
    Ozone Spark
  • Favorite food
    Pizza and Pasta
  • Music
    I love all music
  • Random Information
    I’m more comfortable flying paramotor acro than free flying!
  • Always travelling with
    Phone, chapstick, desire to explore
  • Special Thanks
    Everyone who supports what I do!
  • Best trip
  • Best moment
    Learning the infinite!
  • Future Plans
    To always keep pushing to get better!
  • Besides Paragliding
    Spending time with my wife and family
  • Always in my harness
    Water, food, phone, reserves