About airG

Richard Gallon is the founder of AIRG. Being one of the very pioneers of Paragliding he had and still has a big bearing on the scene.

By following his passion, he gained experience in every branch of the sport. Besides, being an international paragliding instructor he helped to improve gliders by testpiloting for plenty of companies. Additionally, he managed to contain his enthusiasm for the sport over the decades and won the World Cup several times.


airG's history

2011 Richard decided to found his own company: AIRG was born. The authentic style of the company in connection with very solid products can be considered the main pillars of the company’s success.

AIRG´s wings are characterized by:

  • precise operation
  • clean, wrinkle-free workmanship
  • good feedback through medium brake pressure and accurate wing tension
  • manoeuvrability, smooth flying style

Especially, the “Emilie”, AIRG´s acrowing contributed to the company´s success. In cooperation with the worlds best pilots an outstanding wing has been created. A wing that proofs its reliability with several World-Championship titles and at the same time just works nicely even in the bigger sizes.
The emilie can be considered the safest Acro wing on the market, especially for Acrobeginners.

Richard and his uncomplicated, individual style managed to conquer the Acro-niche in less than five years. In 2016 Richard decided to focus on his family and being a full-time pilot again.
Selling his firm to one of the “major-players” was no option for him as it would have changed the spirit of AIRG. Therefore, he decided to get support from two young, like-minded, Acropilots from Innsbruck. Simon and Johannes. From 2017 on they take care of the business, always being aware of the following principles:

  • Individual price policy for individual people
  • Directsale
  • Having a “familiar” atmosphere, with honest dialogue

Our mission

We are a freestyle company.
AIRG is from Acropilots for Acropilots!
It is for those who are in the air whenever they can.
Those who follow their passion with dedication and those who contribute in making our sport grow by inspiring people all around the globe.

For us AIRG is more than company, it is a way to follow our dreams.